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How it all began…

Don’t be fooled too much by the branding and the name – it’s basically a one man band that happened by accident on the 20th February 2021.

A freelance graphic and web designer for many, many years with suddenly a lot of time on my hands after losing the majority of my work overnight in early 2020 when the first lockdown impacted.

Long story short, the idea for the Neville Southall ‘Greatest player ever to pull on a red shirt’ had been in my head for at least 2 years. In the week before the derby I got a single t-shirt made just to see how it would look. It came back and looked really good but was unfortunately too big for me, so I passed it on to a friend and that was the end of that – or so I thought. Anyway, he wore it for the match and posted several pictures on Facebook wearing the t-shirt. An Everton win certainly helped with momentum and within hours he was being asked by several people where he had bought the shirt.

That night and with far too many San Miguel inside me, I set up this website to take orders and thought nothing more of it. I woke up the next morning with around half a dozen orders which I was totally amazed by! Lo and behold NYCHYL had been born!

The name…

So…NYCHYL.com – it hardly roles off the tongue when spelling it out and I suppose it is pronounced NICKEL. Basically, it was a domain I had available and ready to use straight away on the night of the 20th February so I just went with it.

I wasn’t expecting it to grow in such a short space of time – or even if it would take off at all. There is a reason behind the name but nothing too exciting.

It’s a little late in the day to change anything but I have now adapted the branding to make it a bit aligned with the products and Everton theme – but it’s out there now and people are starting to recognise it so I’ll just crack on as it is for the time being!

There’s more details to it and I may (or may not!) create a blog some time soon and go into more details.

There have been bumps in the road along the way but the support and feedback has been superb.

So here I am, several designs later and all proving popular and selling consistently so I am going to be continuing and putting more designs out to you. There are loads in the pipeline but all need designing so expect a steady trickle of more to come over the next few months.

The aim is to be original and unique while maintaining classy designs that you would be happy to wear casually in the street or to the match.

So that’s my back story…hope you enjoy the designs and thanks for dropping by!