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A premium poster design featuring over 50 past Everton players from throughout the club’s history. With the added opportunity to include yourself, a friend, family member or any other Evertonian of your choosing!

If you want to go one step further than the standard print, why not add yourself, a friend or loved one into the poster for a special one off print.

The must-have gift this Christmas for your favourite Evertonian!


Send in your image (we will send instructions) after purchase.


The image will be cut out and edited.


Style will be matched to blend in with all the players.


Get amongst the legends and icons in the Players Lounge!

There are many more players queueing up to take place inside The Players Lounge and the lineup will be completed by October 31st when the discount offer will end. They will then be sent out commencing 23rd November.

These are premium large-scale prints in A2 and A1 size on 170gsm silk that reproduces the best print quality and the finest high resolution finish.

The final design will have up to 50 former legends, icons and favourites. A unique and original design idea which will make the perfect gift.

Personalised deadline

You can have a drink at the bar with Duncan, a chat by the pool table with Sheedy or join the conversation with the Holy Trinity of Kendall, Harvey and Ball.

This unique opportunity will be strictly limited in numbers to ensure the design and print can be produced and delivered by early December and well in time for Christmas.

To add images of yourself/friends/family etc. the order deadline is November 25th 2022. Once the order is placed, an email will go out with details of how to supply images and a form asking for placement details etc.

There is currently a limit of adding 3 people to your own personalised print – should you require any more, please get in touch for a bespoke quote.

With each Players Lounge order received before the 28th October, we will automatically send out one of our A4 poster prints as a pre-order gesture and also to show the print and product quality to expect.