Seats of Goodison


With the last full season at Goodison upon us, you can have the opportunity to own your own seat…on a t-shirt

Please carefully read through the details further down the page!

Just select the number of seats to appear on the t-shirt and the quantity of t-shirts required. You will be asked to supply t-shirt sizes, seat numbers etc. in a form within 48 hours of your order being received.

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How it works...

A step by step guide.



Select how many seats you would like to appear on the t-shirt. If you need more than five, please get in touch by emailing


Choose how many t-shirts you will require by adding to the quantity.

Add to basket

Once you have selected how many seats will be on the design and chosen the quantity needed, just add them to the basket and then head to the checkout.

Confirm order

Make your payment and your order will be processed and confirmed via email.

Select options

Within 24 hours of placing your order, you will receive an email with a link to this website to fill in an order form where you will enter the t-shirt colours, size and the seat rows, numbers etc.

Confirm design

Finally, you will receive a mockup of the design to confirm everything is correct and good to go or make final alterations.

These special edition t-shirts can be completely personalised to include:

  • Single seat
  • Family seats
  • Stand name, row and seat number
  • Year since you had the seat
  • From and to year for those no longer with us
  • Wooden or plastic depending on the stand

After placing your order you will need to complete a form with the details of the seats. This will be sent within 48 hours of placing the order. Please check your spam folder.

Delivery and scheduling
To keep costs as low as possible, these need to be printed in bulk and will be printed on a fortnightly basis.

As these are all personalised there is a premium on standard pricing due to individual design and printing set up costs.

Upon placing your order, you will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours which will have a link to a form where you will need to complete all the necessary details. Please check your spam folder should it not arrive to your inbox.

Please carefully choose your size before ordering. These are personalised t-shirts and cannot be exchanged without extra costs.

Small 36/38 70
Medium 38/40 72
Large 41/42 74
XL 43/44 76
XXL 45/47 78
3XL 49/51 80
4XL 52/54 82
5XL 53/55 84